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What comes after success? Your opportunity to embrace an expansive mindset and awaken new possibilities...

You’ve achieved so much yet still crave more. Ambition is your fuel but it only takes you on half the journey — your sense of purpose and fulfillment are what can take you further. What lies beyond this level of accomplishment? And how do you propel yourself toward that  special purpose and life of bliss?

You’ve been seeking deep clarity, not the kind that comes from another holiday by the beach. What you’re searching for is the fulfillment that comes from knowing you are doing exactly what you are called to do.

This is your career-defining moment. This is your wake-up call. This is the beginning of the best days of your life.

This is your bliss journey.

You have what you need to achieve true joy … if only you can define and embrace your deeper purpose.

You already know how to climb the ladder, and are ready for each new rung to bring more and more joy…

You’re grateful for the awards and accolades, but feel yourself yearning for authentic, lasting meaning…

You can’t imagine abandoning your current projects, but are hungry for new inspiration and fresh ideas…





You've built a tower, but instead of feeling incredible, you feel a longing, a yearning, maybe a hollowness, perhaps even an angst. You want real fulfillment, passion, freedom, legacy and connection.

You’ve been building your legacy with all of the tools and traditional methods that lead to typical success … but there’s nothing typical about you. 

That’s why you’re still searching. That’s why you’ve reached the top and are still reaching higher.

Now, you are poised to discover your deeper purpose.

Now, you know without a doubt that there has to be something more.

It’s calling to you, in echoes and whispers.

A destiny that pushes beyond wealth and praise and into joy and authentic purpose.

To truly tap into your purpose – the reason why you are here and the calling of your soul — is the only journey left really worth exploring.

Your purpose awaits you.
It's time to embrace it.

Growth/ Mastery

You will not be satisfied until you (re)discover your purpose AND start to live it.

Goosebump Moments

It’s not a choice to have money or your purpose.

The rest of the world has been duped — your bliss is THE best way for you to maximize your compensation…

We are the gas pedal which will accelerate living your purpose.

The Moment That Defines You Is Here.
Leap To The Meaningful Life You Were Born To Live

The Doors Are NOW OPEN To Bliss Champions. Be One Of The 28 Applicants Invited To Get In:
"As a successful business owner, I found myself deep in the day-to-day operations of the company with very little time to zoom out and think strategically. Bliss Champions not only gave me the space to see the bigger picture with a once-in-a-lifetime retreat to Hawaii, but also the direct one-on-one expert coaching from Eric and Patrick throughout the year was invaluable to turn my thoughts into actions." 
Tom Krieglstein
CEO & Lead Facilitator of Swift Kick
Class of 2019

Meet The Founders Of Bliss Champions.
Patrick Combs & Eric Lochtefeld.

Meet Eric Lochtefeld

The “Bliss Lion Investor” and
Your Reinvention Champion

I should’ve been looking forward to 2017.

The year started with a bang. I sold a property I purchased for $6 million for a whopping $19 million after just 7 years, but I was struggling.

I couldn’t shake the feeling that something important was missing from my life. By many measures, I should’ve felt great. I had achieved my goal of becoming a world-class Event Producer, with over 1000 events under my belt.

I had a wonderful marriage and quality life-long friends.

I lived in an incredible mansion on a wine estate in California, had visited over 50 countries plus I secured a 20% position in a 9-figure business I co-built in just three years, which would net me enough money never to work again.


I had love, wealth, prestige, and success, yet…

No real joy. No deeper meaning to my achievements.

Then, one day, while sitting in my easychair, I saw a “Facebook Live” from my life-long friend, Patrick Combs, who spoke about the importance of “following your bliss.”

That’s when it hit me HARD. Right in my soul. I suddenly knew what was missing from my “perfect life:”

My Purpose.

I wasn’t answering my soul’s highest calling anymore– and it left me feeling dissatisfied. Disconnected. Empty.

In the past seven years, I increased my net worth tenfold from $5 mm to $50mm.

I even made what many would call a lasting positive impact in my community, but my real purpose was ignored in the process.

I wasn’t even sure if the seven years of wealth building was even worth it!

I once had a global company in my 30’s that was aligned with my purpose and it fed my soul in a much deeper way.

But that had been years ago...

No longer aligning with my purpose, I gave up so much seeking money, success, and power.

That led to an A-HA moment that made everything crystal clear:

I needed to get back in touch with my purpose and even give it an upgrade.

The result of upgrading my purpose was the discovery that my greatest gift to offer is to inspire people to transform in the direction of their bliss.

My greatest joy comes from helping people like you find your purpose, so you enjoy overflowing bliss, joy and life satisfaction. The really fun part for me is showing you that you can make a ton of money doing it! You don’t need to sacrifice your wealth to follow your bliss.

So, I took action and ACTUALLY answered my highest calling by creating a retreat company for successful entrepreneurs yearning for MORE.

That’s when Bliss Champions was born.

 I’m proud to say that our mentorship, mastermind, retreat, and coaching is the sole program in the world that helps high performers and business rock stars not only find their purpose and monetize it…

But also receive abundant bliss, joy, and additional forms of compensation they didn’t even think about before. When you fulfill your true purpose, bliss is the result. And life becomes a meaningful adventure worth living.

Meet Patrick Combs

The “Purpose Clarity Coach” and Your “Soul Whisperer”

At 35, as a thought leader on passion, possibility, and purpose, I’d already been the keynote speaker on 1,500 stages, authored four books, and been interviewed by the media over 1,000 times. Millions had been impacted my message. 

I’d even been interviewed on national TV by Barbara Walters for my expertise.

Yet still, I had a secret desire to reinvent myself. 

I didn’t want to stop being a speaker. I wanted to add a comedic one-person show to the “things I do.”

Just thinking about my dream of being a comedic-performer filled me with massive doubt and fear; I had no acting background, no comedy skills, no theatre connections, and no show script.

Also, having accomplished so much success as a speaker — I was terrified of comedy not working. Terrified of an ill-fated attempt at a new endeavor. 

So I ignored my secret ambition and kept doing what I was doing. It felt safer. It seemed to make more sense.

Eventually, not answering the call of my bliss, began to torment my soul…

Staying safe was eating me alive.

While watching a guy perform a one-person show on HBO, my pain became gut-wrenchingly acute. I couldn’t stand living in fear anymore.

 I finally decided I HAD to go for my secret, unrealized ambition. So I took a leap of faith. Being brave doesn’t come close to describing the courage I had to muster to begin.

And this is when life changed for me.

I wrote, directed, and began performing a solo show I named “Man 1, Bank 0.”

The first year wasn’t a cake walk. I had a lot to learn. Performance after performance felt like getting knocked on my ass. But I felt alive in the process – so I kept finding a way to get back up.

And in two short years, my bliss adventure took me from “Bad to Broadway.”

I earned international acclaim as a “masterful storyteller,” “hilarious entertainer,” and prestigious invitations to extraordinary events such as HBO’s Comedy Festival. They deemed me one of the funniest new performers in America. My show became a bonafide international smash-hit, that I’ve performed for more than 80,000 ticket buyers.

Today, Hollywood is making it into a movie.


Now in my mid-50’s, I am what we call a “Blisspreneur” with a “Blissfolio career.” I give speeches. I entertain audiences. I write books and stories. I invest in purpose-driven companies I love. 

And through my coaching work at our company, Bliss Champions, I share my soul gift for seeing people’s highest potential and true essence, so I can help them access their genius and go to their next level.

"As a successful business owner, I found myself deep in the day-to-day operations of the company with very little time to zoom out and think strategically. Bliss Champions not only gave me the space to see the bigger picture with a once-in-a-lifetime retreat to Hawaii, but also the direct one-on- one expert coaching from Eric and Patrick throughout the year was invaluable to turn my thoughts into actions."
Elisha Covey
6x's Founder and Coach to High Performing Female Entrepreneurs

Make This The Moment Everything Changes.

The Purpose Code Coaching Program

Potent Mentorship. Powerful Community. And Transformation In The Lap Of Luxury.
Here’s how our exclusive program unlocks your true purpose for a life of bliss:

Five Day Transformational Retreat in Hawaii

Experience your BIGGEST breakthroughs in one of the most beautiful settings on Earth…

Our powerful 5-day retreat is designed to smash through your most challenging obstacles, so you uncover your true purpose, access bliss, and transform at the deepest levels. 

Held on Bliss Island, our private 5-star luxury retreat center on the Big Island of Hawaii, this breath-taking oceanfront setting will light your heart and soul on fire.


Whether you’re indulging in mouth-watering meals from our world-class chefs, melting stress with the ultimate massage, or sipping on delicious cocktails, no expense is spared. This is the kind of experience usually just for billionaires!

Plus, you’ll have personal mentorship and a cutting-edge curriculum that goes more in-depth and farther than ANYTHING else to make your purpose come true.

These retreats aren’t just a good time. They transform you in the lap of luxury, so you move from doubt to conviction and purpose to bliss, creating lasting, life-changing results in EVERY part of your life.

And in the midst of a profoundly joyful week, your doubt will be blown apart, you’ll gain strategic, pinpointed advice for achieving the “impossible” with your Bliss AND you’ll make deep and wonderful new friendships.

Past participants have been deeply grateful to Eric and Patrick for providing such a luxurious and five-star experience.

You’ll know how much Eric and Patrick care when you experience how extraordinary they treat YOU at the retreats.

This program is ABSOLUTELY a rare opportunity that may never come into your hands again…

Private One-on-One Coaching With

Program participants benefit tremendously from one-on-one private coaching from Eric and Patrick– both experts in business, purpose richness, transformation, and personal mastery. 

Eric and Patrick aren’t run-of-the-mill coaches. They’re both massively accomplished entrepreneurs who have achieved the rarest form of success: they found their true purpose, brought it to life and generated wealth. They call themselves, “Blisspreneurs,” to highlight the joy of living this way.


"I found a way to offer what I do and the high-level one-on-ones gave me clarity around that. The consequent sales have exploded with that alignment. In Bliss Champions you will be held and supported in an infinite container of possibility by outrageously successful entrepreneurs and transformational artists who truly have your best interest at heart and are deeply motivated and have an altruistic view of the world."
Jen Cudmore
International Alignment Coach to High Impact Leaders Class of 2019

Private Blisspreneur Mastermind Group

Welcome to Blisspreneurship: the deeply satisfying experience of finding your purpose, going on a Bliss Journey, and monetizing it.

In this exclusive, highly-personalized mastermind led by Eric & Patrick on Zoom, you’ll be matched with a small group of successful people who compliment your personality, your background, and your ambitions to become a Blisspreneur.

During every confidential 75-minute meet-up, you’ll get support, strategies, and resources to answer your soul’s highest calling, get it off the ground, and make it a financial success.

Think of this as your personal Board of Directors – an inner-circle of advisors that keep you accountable, solve your problems and skyrocket your success. Supporting each other, you’ll create a life that’s rich with purpose and become potent receivers of joy, bliss, and overflowing abundance.

A Supportive ALL IN Community To Accelerate Your Purpose

Through our exclusive mastermind community, you’ll gain a network of peers who are ALL IN on living their purpose, so they create their most blissful lives.

This community of high achievers lifts each other up through thick and thin everyday…  giving you a safe place to quickly overcome roadblocks, share your successes, and celebrate.

Talking about “first-world problems” with this group will not be a problem.

Full of transformative tutorials to accelerate your progress, you’ll experience the bliss of a purpose-driven life faster than you ever thought possible!


We've invested over $1,000,000 in extraordinary people like you in just three years.


Eric & Patrick aren’t just coaches. They invest in Blisspreneurs and purposeful projects they believe in.

To date, over $1 MILLION has been funded to past program participants, and more are being raised to invest in remarkable people like YOU.

While taking this program doesn’t guarantee a financial investment, the chances are stacked WELL in your favor. Only participants in the 6-Month Purpose Code Coaching Program are eligible for investment money from the exclusive Bliss Investment Fund.

And it doesn’t matter if you aren’t ready yet. Whether you get bliss funding during your first year or not, you’ll ALWAYS be eligible for funding as an alumnus in the program.

Will YOUR purpose project be their next investment?

But make no mistake. Bliss Champions is NOT an investment company if that’s all you want, this ISN’T the program for you.

This is BIGGER than just money. This is about transformation. Life satisfaction. And fulfilling your true purpose that goes soul deep.

We’re a transformational company FIRST. And we’re driven to invest in members who are brave enough to embrace their heart’s deepest calling. Are you?

Leap To The Meaningful Life You Were Born To Live

Doors Are Open Right Now To Bliss Champions. Be One Of The 28 Applicants Invited To In:

As Joseph Campbell puts it, “Follow your bliss and don’t be afraid,
and doors will open for you where you didn’t know they were going to be.”

Unlock the Code To Your Purpose And Ignite The Bliss You Crave

Waking up inspired by purpose and passion every day CAN happen faster than you think. Here’s how:



Apply NOW to claim one of 8 coveted spots



Schedule an interview with co-founder, Eric Lochtefeld



Dive into your individual coaching with Eric & Patrick



Join our custom mastermind community



Prepare for your luxury retreat on Bliss Island in Hawaii.



Find, ignite, and live your true purpose. What follows? A life of ultimate bliss!

It’s Unlike Anything You’ve Encountered Before…

Our clients benefit from:

This Is The Moment That Defines You...

Right now, you’re standing at a crossroads.

You can stay where you are, continually searching for that missing ‘something’ that FINALLY gives your life purpose and passion…
You can keep denying your highest calling, wondering if the life you’ve built was worth it, and looking everywhere for the bliss you crave…
Only to fall back into the day-to-day grind that lacks TRUE PURPOSE, FULFILLMENT, and JOY..


You can break the prison of success you’ve built and say Yes! To the adventure, your soul is desperate to take.

Don’t waste another moment of your precious life, longing for something MORE.

Say YES! Follow your soul’s most profound purpose by completing the application.
But don’t wait. This program is ABSOLUTELY a rare opportunity, and you may not have this chance, at this price point, ever again…

It costs nothing to find out if you qualify, and you have EVERYTHING to gain.
No more emptiness. No more longing.

Just potent bliss from connecting to your life’s most profound Purpose and living it to the fullest.

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