In 2021, We Will Help 48 People

Bring Their Secret or Unrealized

Passion to Life.

****Looking to Blissfully Exit Your Business?****

****Looking to Blissfully Exit Your Business?****

What Is YOUR Deep, Burning or Unrealized Aspiration?

Be honest with yourself… do you feel like there’s something truly “magical” missing from your life?

Like there’s something greater and more fulfilling that you could be doing, but you just haven’t stepped into it yet.


Renowned Philosopher Joseph
Campbell refers to this curious
itch as your “calling”.

While many of us find it hard to admit this to ourselves… there’s usually a dream we’ve let go of along the way…


It might be to write that novel, open up that restaurant, launch that company, create that work of art, invent that program, compose that album, do that gallery show, lead that movement…

Anything, really.
As long as it’s sourced from your heart/soul….

A lot of times, we don’t go for these kinds of secret ambitions because they seem far-fetched, a wee-bit crazy, or scary, or even “impossible!”

You don’t go for it because you don’t want to go it alone, or you lack the right resources… or you’re just plain paralyzed by fear!

Words like “risky,” “unrealistic”, “silly” or “selfish” may possibly come to mind…


Our Company, Bliss Champions, Was Created to Offer You a Profound Advantage to Safely Uncover, Ignite and Succeed at Your Unrealized Ambition

We call it living your BLISS,

(Because that’s EXACTLY what it is.)

While it does take courage, commitment and consistent work on your end… our tested and comprehensive program will massively help you live your most fulfilling life while you do what you truly love.

If you’re accepted as one of our participants, you’ll experience extraordinary high-level coaching, your own close knit incubator group of supportive peers, an unforgettable BLISS luxury retreat, and access to investment capital.


Just imagine having the perfect flow to your days, your weeks, your months… where you’re completely aligned… serving your highest calling at the highest level… and having the dedicated private community, and potentially even REAL financial backing to live your bliss (more about that in a moment).

At Bliss Champions, We’re Committed To Helping You PINPOINT and MONETIZE Your Bliss

It’s Absolutely FREE To Find Out If You Qualify

Our Incubators & Retreats Are Specially
Designed for Passionate, Focused and
Dedicated People Like You.

You’re the right fit to apply for Bliss Champions if you fall into any one of these categories:













Bliss Champions is NOT For You If:

  • Svg Vector Icons : You are a personal development program junkie
  • Svg Vector Icons : You are just seeking investment money without a transformation
  • Svg Vector Icons : You aren’t hungry for a solution for living your unrealized ambition
  • Svg Vector Icons : You are seeking a silver bullet to avoid the work required for your Bliss
  • Svg Vector Icons : You live in continual crisis and drama
  • Svg Vector Icons : You are not coachable
  • Svg Vector Icons : You are not willing to try things you haven’t tried before

Bliss Champions IS for You
IF you are HUNGRY and READY For:


Expert Support To Unearth Your
TRUE Ambition.


Inspiration AND Drive To Commit To Your
TRUE Passion.


The Perfect Mentoring to Champion
and Monetize Your TRUE Bliss.

What Makes Bliss Champions So Different?

We might be the only personal development company in the world that IS investing large sums of money (from $10,000 – $400,000) into its members’ ambitions. We are looking for extraordinary talent to invest in and we are not playing small.


We are not a cattle call, or a large conference, or an impersonal on-line program. We are real people joined in small supportive incubators groups. Our incubators are limited to 10 participants each, to assure you get the attention you need.

We aren’t part of the “coaching” craze that has swept the land and made coaches into a commodity. We are two business owners coaching from real-world experience not just “certification.” We’re guiding our members to accelerate their success and attain astonishing, real-world outcomes.


Finally, we are intentionally priced well below our value proposition. (We’re told continually that we should be charging a lot more than we do.)

Why? Because we have other businesses that make us plenty of money. This is our Blissness. It’s our legacy play. And so we don’t aim for your wallet like so many ‘coaches’ do…

We aim for your heart. We aim for you soul.
We aim for your IGNITION SWITCH.

We're NOT expensive, but we DO follow a rigorous application process. To curate an exclusive group of like minded people who will benefit one another greatly.

If you’re accepted into our program... We HAVE YOUR BACK all the way to the realization of your joyful ambition

It’s Absolutely FREE To Find Out If You Qualify

What Prompted Us to Start Bliss Champions?
What Is Our Why?

In short, we’re two guys who both struggled to believe in our most blissful dream for too long… so we know what it’s like to pay fear’s price.

But we also BOTH finally overcame our own limiting beliefs, went on our own hero’s journeys, and were well rewarded for answering the call! (Eric in business and Patrick in the arts)

Now we’re on a mission to help
others live their BLISS.

After many mistakes, many failures, and many breakthroughs we cracked the code on HOW to help you uncover your bliss and launch it into the stratosphere.

Today, our passion is helping you awaken your own unrealized ambition, astonish yourself with your own potential AND make a huge positive impact (and real money) through your efforts.

Meet Eric Lochtefeld

The “Bliss Lion Investor” and
Your Reinvention Champion

It’s the start of 2017, and I was struggling with this feeling that something very important is missing from my life. By many measures, I should’ve felt great. I had a wonderful marriage and life-long friends.

I was living in my dream home, a wine estate in California, plus I just exited an 8-figure business which netted me enough money to never have to work again.


Yet, like an Albatross around my neck, I felt something important missing.


I’ve got love and success – but still.

No Real Joy

And then… I’m sitting in my easy chair, when my lifelong friend, Patrick, does a “Facebook Live”, and talks about the importance of “following your bliss.”

It hits me right in my soul. What’s missing from my “successful” life” is – My Bliss.

In the past five years I’d made millions and even made what many would call a lasting positive impact in my community, but I had ignored my bliss in the process.

My bliss has always been in helping others live their most joyful lives where they discover their secret passions and take effective action so they don’t become unrealized dreams.

Sitting in my dream home, I knew the cost of ignoring my own bliss was feeling ok, but not truly joyful.

Being “well off”, but not fully “alive”.

That day, I decided to begin ACTUALLY following my bliss by creating a retreat company.

Well, through a series of unforeseen events, magic doors quickly opened for me, and I met the perfect partners. And that’s when Bliss Champions was born


Meet Patrick Combs

The “Bliss Clarity Coach” and Your “Soul Decoder”

I know it’s genuinely tough to pursue your greatest passion.

For me, my ‘secret ambition” was my one man show. Called “Man 1, Bank 0”, it was the telling of one of the most significant experiences in my life, where I actually fought a bank (and won) over a $95,000 bank error!

While I had the URGE to share my story on stages across the world… I was literally petrified of failure for years. And to make things worse, I was deeply envious of everyone else who kept succeeding at the very thing I yearned for.

Looking back, the #1 thing that would have helped me the most was a smart, supportive and experienced mentor who had my back through thick and thin.

And easy access to angel investment money would have helped A LOT too…

I didn’t have those things back then, but after ten years (10!), I found the courage to finally go for it. It turned out to be the most satisfying and blissful thing I ever did in my professional life. I’m so grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to perform my show for more than 100,000 people to date!

In 2017, when my long time friend, Eric, asked me to join him in launching Bliss Champions, I leapt at the invitation.

How We Help You Change Your Life When
You’re Accepted Into Bliss Champions


You’ll participate in a highly personal and interpersonal incubator group that compliments your personality, your background and your ambitions. Each monthly Zoom session is lead by Eric, Patrick and Dr. Heather.

During every confidential two hour meet-up, you will receive support, strategies and resources to move your bliss forward. You will also give support to others in the group.

You won’t be going it alone anymore. And you won’t be without accountability. Your incubator group gives you a circle of advisors that help you solve problems and support your acceleration to success.

Private One-on-One Coaching From Bliss Mentors ERIC LOCHTEFELD and PATRICK COMBS

One of the greatest benefits of your Bliss Champions membership is access to private coaching from Eric and Patrick. Outside of Bliss Champions, the going rate for 1-hour of Eric or Patrick’s time ranges from $1,000 to $5,000 depending on the area of focus.
Let that sink in for a second…

The rate per month for your Bliss Champions membership is just $450 per month.

Why such a reduced cost?

BECAUSE Eric and Patrick are ALL IN when it comes to helping this tightly-knit Bliss community thrive and succeed.

Eric and Patrick are not simply coaches… they’re two massively successful business owners who did one of the rarest things on planet Earth… they found their bliss, lived it out and monetized the heck out of it.

Now, you will be given access to their VIP booking calendars (known as office hours) so YOU can receive personalized and PROVEN strategies to Overcome your Obstacles, laser Target Your Bliss, Monetize Your Passions and Gain Powerful Connections through the Bliss network and beyond.

Supportive ALL IN Community

Through the exclusive bliss community, you’ll gain access to our entire participant and alumni family of “Bliss Champions”, peers who are ALL IN on living their most blissful life. As they say, A rising tide lifts ALL ships. This community of rockstars lifts each other up daily through thick and thin… so you can share and savor your successes and quickly overcome any roadblocks. It is also full of transformative trainings to accelerate your progress.


One Luxurious Transformational Retreat

Bliss retreats are designed to be THE most pivotal five days of Your Reinvention.

Whether through celebrity frequented destinations in Kauai, Cabo San Lucas, or Lake Como, Italy, 5-star meals from world-class chefs, The BEST private massages, masterful bartending and beyond…No expense is spared as these retreats pamper you in the lap of luxury while helping you achieve lasting results.

The Bliss Champion Retreats are where participants get their biggest breakthroughs, biggest acceleration and biggest amplification of their bliss.

Achieving your bliss is gamified through stunning excursions, hikes, ziplining, break out sessions, and even through enjoying elegant handmade cocktails in one of the jacuzzis.

This is the kind of LUXURY EXPERIENCE associated with billionaire money.

And in the midst of a profoundly joyful week, your limiting beliefs will be blown apart, you’ll gain strategic, pinpointed advice for achieving the “impossible” with your Bliss AND you’ll make deep and wonderful new friendships.

Past participants have been deeply grateful to Eric and Patrick for providing such a luxurious and five star experience at the ridiculously low cost of the VIP membership.

You’ll know how much Eric and Patrick care when you experience how extraordinary they treat YOU at the retreats.

This program is ABSOLUTELY a rare opportunity that may never come into your hands again…


You’ll ALSO Gain Eligibility Into our Bliss
Investment Fund (over $1,000,000 has ALREADY
been funded to past Bliss Champions participants)

Just imagine what you could do with an additional $10,000, $25,000 or even more to put towards living your bliss.

While your membership does not guarantee a financial investment on our part, the chances are stacked WELL in your favor. Only participants in Bliss Champions are eligible for investment money from the exclusive Bliss Investment Fund.

Eric and Patrick invest in Blisspreneurs and bliss projects that they believe in.

Is your bliss their next investment? 🙂

And whether you get bliss funding during your first year, or not, you will be eligible to receive an investment for years to come as an alumni in the program.

… Although we make significant investments in our participants, we are NOT an investment company. We are a transformational company that often invests in our members. If you’re just seeking investment, then we are DEFINITELY not for you.

It’s Absolutely FREE To Find Out If You Qualify


As Joseph Campbell puts it, “Follow your bliss and don’t be afraid,
and doors will open for you where you didn’t know they were going to be.”

Our Process To Ignite YOUR Bliss

Getting to where you want to be is simple, and it CAN happen faster than you think.



Apply Now and Begin Your Bliss Journey!



Choose Your Membership Level



Pick Your Luxury Retreat Date (dependant on membership)



Join Your Personalized Incubator



Schedule Your First Office Hours Session



Find, IGNITE, and Follow Your Bliss!

If You Are Selected into Bliss Champions,
You Will Have Two Membership Options
to Choose From:

Mastermind Membership

  • Svg Vector Icons : 6 Month Signature Purpose Code Coaching Program
  • Svg Vector Icons : All-Inclusive Retreat at the Bliss Champions owned property in Hawaii
  • Svg Vector Icons : Twice a Month Mastermind Group Coaching with Patrick & Eric
  • Svg Vector Icons : Two One-on-One Sourcing Joy Coaching Sessions with Dr. Heather
  • Svg Vector Icons : Eligibility For Bliss Investment Funding
  • Svg Vector Icons : Access to Bliss Talks
  • Svg Vector Icons : Access to the Private Bliss Champions Facebook Community

VIP Mastermind Membership

  • Svg Vector Icons : 6 Month Signature Purpose Code Coaching Program
  • Svg Vector Icons : All-Inclusive 5-Star Luxury Retreat at Four Seasons property
    (click on retreats page to see destinations for 2021)
  • Svg Vector Icons : Monthly One-on-One Coaching Sessions with Patrick & Eric
  • Svg Vector Icons : Monthly Mastermind Group Coaching with Patrick & Eric
  • Svg Vector Icons : Two One-on-One Sourcing Joy Coaching Sessions with Dr. Heather
  • Svg Vector Icons : Eligibility For Bliss Investment Funding
  • Svg Vector Icons : Access to Bliss Talks
  • Svg Vector Icons : Access to the Private Bliss Champions Facebook Community

Here you are at a crossroads...

You can stay where you are, living your life tomorrow exactly as you have in the past, repressing your highest calling and any possibility of living your true bliss…

Falling back into the day to day grind that lacks TRUE PURPOSE, FULFILLMENT and JOY..


You can commit to yourself right now, to waking up your unrealized passion… to saying Yes to the adventure that your bliss is calling you on.

Take your first step now for BLISS and complete the application.

It costs you nothing to find out if you qualify, and you have EVERYTHING to gain.
If we haven’t said it outright before, this program is ABSOLUTELY a rare opportunity, and you may not have this chance, at this price point, ever again…

We look forward to seeing you on the inside and
sharing the excitement and Joy of your Bliss journey!

It’s Absolutely FREE To Find Out If You Qualify