Are you an Entrepreneur or a Blisspreneur?

Bliss Warning!!! Discovering one’s Bliss doesn’t mean you must or should become an Entrepreneur to live your Bliss. If your Bliss is the sunset in this photo, is there more than one way to get there? Should you take the path everyone else is taking or create your own path?

I encourage everyone I meet to discover and begin living their bliss but it might surprise you all to learn that I encourage very few people to become Entrepreneurs. As a lifelong Entrepreneur, I find these two things to be very different leaps of faith.

I believe that all Bliss Journeys can be monetized. In some cases, becoming an Entrepreneur to monetize your Bliss may be the best option, but in many instances, it is not the best path to monetizing one’s Bliss unless you have the attributes necessary to be an effective Entrepreneur. In the months ahead, we are going to reveal and profile the attributes that make Entrepreneurs successful. It is very possible that your attempt to be an Entrepreneur may be the #1 thing holding you back from living your Bliss.

In evaluating how to monetize your Bliss, start with these questions.

1) Does your Bliss translate into a product or service or is it simply something you want to do more?
2) Are the most popular delivery platforms for your Bliss, as a product or service, already in saturated industries?
3) If you can see your Bliss as a product or service, what are some of the creative (non-obvious or traditional) ways your Bliss can be monetized?
4) If yes to question #2, what other ways can you get paid to do your Bliss, without having to turn it into a service or product as an Entrepreneur? Meaning, is there a career option that will actually pay you to do your Bliss?

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