Bliss Talks is an incredible four-day transformational, personal development virtual summit that gathers exceptional individuals who are driven by passion, ambition and the aspiration to follow their bliss and achieve their greatest happiness

It’s a gathering of entrepreneurs, artists, business leaders, performers, creatives, innovators who are ready to share their wisdom and inspiration with you. 

Are you hungry to go BIG at your Bliss? Have you learned that just making $ is not enough for a fulfilling and joyful life? Do you know what calls to your heart but not know how to go big with it? Most importantly, are you ready for the next great chapter of your life to begin?

We believe in the wisdom of luminaries such Joseph Campbell, Paulo Coelho and Oprah, to name only a few. We know everyone on Earth has a purpose that is planted in their heart. And we know that the Universe comes to support those who follow their bliss. We’re on a mission to help you live yours to the fullest!

Bliss Talks will set you on an epic journey of self-discovery and the richest and most fulfilling chapter of your life thus far! Don’t miss this incredible four-day virtual summit.

It’s time for you to live your most amazing life! So join us and let’s get you going on your Blissness!

To Your Bliss!

Patrick & Eric