Bliss Island Estate

Kauai, Hawaii

MAY 18 – 23, 2019

- Starting at $7500 -

Bliss Lake Villa

Lake Como, Italy

AUG 10 – 16, 2019

- Starting at $9500 -

We created BUSINESS BLISS MASTERY retreats specifically for Business Owners. As Business Owners ourselves, we know how exhausted, frustrated, bored or trapped you can feel in your own businesses. After a while it feels like the businesses are running you, rather than the other way around. We have designed a very special transformational experience specifically for Business Owners that takes you on a journey of discovery that allows you to clearly see the pain points in your business and what adjustments you can make to create a more Blissful experience for you and your employees. We invite you to reward yourself with some well-deserved luxury rest and relaxation in your choice of beautiful destinations - Kauai, Hawaii or Lake Como, Italy. While simultaneously strategizing how to improve how you run your business and how it runs you, we will introduce you to the best that Kauai and Lake Como have to offer in the way of world class lodging, gourmet food and unrivaled 180-degree water views. At our wee- long Business Bliss Mastery retreats, you will join a carefully curated group of accomplished Business Owners and Bliss Experts to participate in an intimate personal development experience for Business Owners like no other. We will do far more than inspire you. We deliver results by helping you become more self-aware, to understand the role risk can play in overcoming fears and other stumbling blocks in how you manage your business, challenging you to understand the difference between a choice and a commitment, and by becoming your champion on your new journey to Bliss. We offer optional post-event private training, coaching, and, if the stars align, even investment capital. There is no personal development retreat, just for business owners, in the world that has invested in its attendees 100x what it receives in participant fees. Simply put, we offer the best R.O.I. of any personal development retreats in the world.