We encourage you to take a few minutes to listen to testimonials from past participants at our retreats.
We really want our Incubators and Retreats to be ideal for you AND us, so hearing from our past attendees is an important part of your due diligence in making sure that our company is right for you.

"My experience with Bliss Champions has been life changing! The mentoring from Eric and Patrick helped me realize where my heart wanted to take me and helped me get started on the right track in my speaking and mentoring youth. The investment Bliss champions made to have my website had a huge impact on me in beginning my bliss journey."
Jonathan Sapaugh 1 Bliss Champions
Jonathan Sapaugh
CEO of Encourage Wealth LLC.
Class of 2019
"As a successful business owner, I found myself deep in the day-to-day operations of the company with very little time to zoom out and think strategically. Bliss Champions not only gave me the space to see the bigger picture with a once-in-a-lifetime retreat to Hawaii, but also the direct one-on-one expert coaching from Eric and Patrick throughout the year was invaluable to turn my thoughts into actions." 
Tom Krieglstein 1 Bliss Champions
Tom Krieglstein
CEO & Lead Facilitator of Swift Kick
Class of 2019
"Eric and Patrick bring their decades of entrepreneurship and coaching experience to this program, delivering practical, tangible business-building tools that no other business coach has ever delivered to me, coupled with some of the most powerful coaching I’ve ever received. The Risk4Bliss Retreat is by far the best, most luxurious retreat I’ve ever attended, creating a super safe, loving, energizing, and nourishing space for all of us to bond, support each other on our journeys, and accelerate and commit to our dreams.  I’m so grateful to be a part of Bliss Champions, because it’s not just a coaching program - it’s a FAMILY, through and through. "
Stacy Rose 1 Bliss Champions
Stacy Rose
Owner of Balance + Live
Class of 2019
"Patrick and Eric create an amazing environment that makes you question yourself, what you've been doing for the last many years, and what your priorities really are.  This process allows you to pivot and make changes you never thought you could make thus bettering your mindset and your life.  The Bliss retreat in Kauai blew my mind.  The setting was beautiful and luxurious, the food was healthy, my fellow attendees were interesting, and the variety of activities helped people break down barriers and get their minds right.  The dedication Eric and Patrick bring to helping people help themselves is truly unparalleled."
Tom Lochtefeld 1 Bliss Champions
Tom Lochtefeld
Commercial Real Estate Investor
Class of 2019
"Bliss Champions is my new family! It’s an intimate incubator mastermind group with go-getters and think-biggers, co-led by Patrick and Eric, two very inner and externally successful people with the experience and knowledge to carry you to the next level of your life"
Kim Bauman 1 Bliss Champions
Kim Bauman
Founder of One Love Movement
Class of 2019
"In Bliss Champions I released all the old remnants of fear and seriously kicked in the afterburners. It’s a program where we mingle with like-minded visionaries--all people with a wealth of experience--and collaborate to encourage each member to live their dreams to the fullest. "
Roland Byrd 1 Bliss Champions
Roland Byrd
Fitness Mindset Mastery
Class of 2019
"Bliss Champions is an amazing opportunity to work with a community of talented and supportive individuals in order to break free of limiting beliefs and launch into action in a concrete manner to achieve professional and personal Bliss. "
Jesse Tendler 1 Bliss Champions
Jesse Tendler
Actor and Educational Consultant
Class of 2019
"Finding a way to offer what I do and realign to high level one on ones, and the clarity around that, and the consequent sales that have dropped in with that alignment. In Bliss Champions you will held and supported in a infinite container of possibility by outrageously successful entrepreneurs and transformational artists who truly have your best interest at heart and are deeply motivated and have an altruistic view of the world."
Jen Cudmore
Jen Cudmore
International Alignment Coach
to High Impact Leaders
Class of 2019
"I went into Bliss Champions expecting to work hard, make some new connections, and be accountable for my goals. What I wasn't prepared for was being part of the greater Bliss Family, the depth of the relationships I've made, the level of commitment to me from Eric, Patrick and the entire Bliss leadership team, the transformative growth I experienced through the retreat of a lifetime, and the pure joy that program has brought to my life. Bliss Champions was, without a doubt, the best professional and personal development investment I've made, and it's an entire year for the price of a conference. "
Nori Jabba 1 Bliss Champions
Nori Jabba
Founder of Jabba Development Strategies
Class of 2019
"I would describe Bliss Champions as a Mastermind on steroids with leaders who go above and beyond."
Devin Alexander 1 Bliss Champions
Devin Alexander
Celebrity Chef
Class of 2019
"This year’s Bliss Champions experience has changed my life forever. After 20 years of a hobby in writing my first novel, mostly talking about writing, not doing it, I am now fully immersed in writing every day and enjoying every minute of it. This would not have happened if not for my inspirational experience with Eric and Patrick. I learned the “why” behind my quest, which now motivates me every day, and the retreat at Lake Como was so completely transformational. I recommend Bliss Champions to anyone seeking to find and pursue their life’s dreams. Eric and Patrick will show you how magical doors will open in pursuit of your bliss."
Robert Kain 1 Bliss Champions
Robert Kain
Class of 2019
"Bliss Champions is a very motivated yet unique concept. Eric and Patrick have created a soul space for seekers of their wildest dreams. Together, their heartfelt talks bring the participants to high points of excitement and possibility. My retreat in Lake Como made me realize my Dreams were not only possible but were happening and coming to fruition right then and there. The leaders, their team, the location, all had a great effect on me and I saw my Bliss becoming my reality. Eric and Patrick speak from their experiences, their heart, and their wisdom accumulating from all of the years they have sought after their own Bliss. This group has changed my Life and I have never been happier. Diane Chanako"
Dianne 1 Bliss Champions
Diane Lynne Chanako
Professional Fine Artist
Class of 2019

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