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Steve Rodgers

C-Suite Executive Coach | Consultant & Author

“I started my consulting business, Alchemy Advisors, about five years ago when I realized I’d been lacking enthusiasm and passion in my professional life. In the back of my mind, I still had this hazy vision of a higher aspiration, but I wasn’t clear on exactly what that was.

I still kept moving forward with continued success, but I knew I hadn’t quite ‘hit the nail on the head’. What kept gnawing at me was a decade-long desire to write a book. I’d discussed it with friends, but just hadn’t committed the time and energy to start writing it.

Steve Rodgers 2 Bliss Champions

Bliss Champions’ process allowed me to get vulnerable;

I realized fear was holding me back. My own ego-driven excuses were preventing me from pursuing my bliss.

Within a year of working with Bliss Champions, I finished writing my book, “The IGI Principles,” and had it published. I’ve also created a workshop training series on the IGI Principles and hired a podcast booking agent—leading to weekly podcast appearances. In the Fall of 2020, I’ll be launching my own podcast.”

The Situation

Steve Rogers climbed the ladder from management to CEO. After a lengthy, successful career, he transitioned into the role of entrepreneur. There he used his corporate principles to run his own successful real estate company for five years. He was a big fish in a small pond with all the trappings of success.

Despite his achievements, he realized he was lacking enthusiasm and passion for what he was doing. And, toward the end of that career, his dream had become a nightmare—even though he was running his own company. He was suffering mentally, physically, and emotionally.

So, five years ago, he started a consulting business, Alchemy Advisors, which he still runs today.

In the back of his mind, though, he possessed a hazy vision for a higher aspiration. But it was unclear to him exactly what that was. He still moved forward with continued success. Yet he didn’t feel he’d quite “hit the nail on the head.” What kept gnawing at him was a decade-long desire to write a book—but that was still on his to-do list that continued to grow year after year.

Steve Rodgers 3 Bliss Champions

Little by little, through seminars and personal meetings with us, Bliss Champions got on Steve’s radar. Our message resonated with him. And at a retreat in Silicon Valley, he realized he was stuck in life and he needed help. That’s when the real work began.

Our Approach

Working together, we helped Steve break through fears and obstacles. As new layers of awareness manifested, it became clear that even though he was very accomplished and confident in many areas, he hadn’t found his calling; he hadn’t pursued his bliss. Through our work with Steve, he soon realized his ego was what was blocking him.

Bliss Champions’ process allowed him to get vulnerable, which led to serious breakthroughs. He realized fear was holding him back. On an even deeper level, he understood that his own ego-driven excuses were preventing him from pursuing his bliss.

Steve finally crystallized the notion that even though he carried himself with confidence, it didn’t compare to the kind of confidence you have when working from your bliss.

Through many “deep dives,” we were able to help him articulate the finer points of what his bliss would look like without fears and obstacles.

Paramount to Steve’s growth was getting over the major fear of what others would think of his new path. He was afraid people would question what happened to the powerful CEO he used to be. But one thing became clear to him: he didn’t have to distance himself from C-level skills… Instead, he merely redirected them toward his bliss journey. His new perspective served to amplify the speed and ease with which he attained success in following his bliss.

What I realized is that when you operate in your bliss and in your joy, it's basically like you're on rocket fuel. You do your tasks so much more joyfully and so much more efficiently. And ideas and things just flow a lot easier.

The Results

Within a year of working with Bliss Champions, Steve finished writing his book, “The IGI Principles,” and got it published. In addition, he created a workshop training series on the IGI Principles and hired a podcast booking agent—leading to weekly podcast appearances. In the Fall of 2020, Steve will be launching his own podcast.

Today, Steve feels more focused and joyful. He actually enjoys what he’s doing personally and professionally without feeling overburdened. If you ask Steve what impact the Bliss process has had on his life, he easily admits that he had to let go of control—no easy feat for a CEO used to being in charge. The underlying element to Steve’s experience is tapping into the higher energy of bliss. Once he surrendered and released his blocks, he realized the answers he had been seeking were right in front of him the whole time.

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