Are you an Entrepreneur or a Blisspreneur?

Bliss Warning!!! Discovering one’s Bliss doesn’t mean you must or should become an Entrepreneur to live your Bliss. If your Bliss is the sunset in this photo, is there more than one way to get there? Should you take the path everyone else is taking or create your own path?

I encourage everyone I meet to discover and begin living their bliss but it might surprise you all to learn that I encourage very few people to become Entrepreneurs. As a lifelong Entrepreneur, I find these two things to be very different leaps of faith.

I believe that all Bliss Journeys can be monetized. In some cases, becoming an Entrepreneur to monetize your Bliss may be the best option, but in many instances, it is not the best path to monetizing one’s Bliss unless you have the attributes necessary to be an effective Entrepreneur. In the months ahead, we are going to reveal and profile the attributes that make Entrepreneurs successful. It is very possible that your attempt to be an Entrepreneur may be the #1 thing holding you back from living your Bliss.

In evaluating how to monetize your Bliss, start with these questions.

1) Does your Bliss translate into a product or service or is it simply something you want to do more?
2) Are the most popular delivery platforms for your Bliss, as a product or service, already in saturated industries?
3) If you can see your Bliss as a product or service, what are some of the creative (non-obvious or traditional) ways your Bliss can be monetized?
4) If yes to question #2, what other ways can you get paid to do your Bliss, without having to turn it into a service or product as an Entrepreneur? Meaning, is there a career option that will actually pay you to do your Bliss?

Realize Your Secret Ambition

Truly helping someone realize their “secret ambition” (or “follow their bliss” as I like to say) doesn’t look like what you probably think… Here are 7 major things I’ve learned about helping all kinds of people reach all kinds of dreams;

1. You might think it looks like strategy sessions and business coaching. Of course, that’s part of it, but the deeper, more real work is getting involved in people’s emotional world, their wounds, and their limiting beliefs born out of pain and hard things. Until these are dealt with, strategy is rather useless. But as these are attended to, progress increases exponentially.

2. To really help someone realize an amazing dream, you’ve got to create a trusted space where people feel safe, open up, and reveal their actual dreams and real inner worlds. Creating safe spaces is done from the heart and with a true intention to care for people. If your ego is involved, the space won’t feel safe. Plus, you have to be able to hold any hard thing that a person brings up with compassion, love, and therapeutic consideration.

3. Most people aren’t good at visualizing their unrealized secret ambition in vivid exciting details. But when you coach them to really see it, feel it, and imagine it -magnificently realized in full glory – you help them immensely desire it more.

4. Most people aren’t good at taking risks. But when you teach them the difference between knowing a good risk from a bad risk, they begin to take more risks and make much greater progress.

5. Most people are awful at engaging with a mentor, so they are going it alone. But when enable help them feel comfortable with “Mentoring Up” as we call in in my company Bliss Champions, they quickly benefit from all the progress a great mentor can enable.

6. To help someone, you have to have 100% certainty that they can do what their dreaming to do, and more. You can’t have doubts. Because while you’re coaching them, they’re needing you to believe in them more than they believe in themselves. They need to borrow your confidence.

7. You gotta be in it for the long term on. People don’t rock their bliss because you gave them a day or a weekend’s worth of your advice. They accomplish great heights because you supported them for months, or over the course of a year as we do in Bliss Champions.

It’s deeply fulfilling to help someone reach a dream they felt afraid or uncertain they couldn’t achieve. That’s what we’re doing in my company Bliss Champions. We’re going to help 100 people in 2020 realize their secret ambition. If you’ve read this with personal interest, we’re accepting applications now at and I encourage you to apply. We’re a very close-knit community of amazing heart and soul-centered people – and we have a very phenomenal time.