This is our newest area of investment, and an important focus moving forward, as we step back from being full-time operators of our own entrepreneurial pursuits and begin providing support for business owners in our network. We created BLISS INVESTMENT FUND I in early 2017, raising $750,000 to invest in carefully selected retreat participants in our first year. We are happy to say that it was easy to find the right participants to put our support behind and even prouder to announce that the entire initial fund has been fully invested in our participants’ businesses. Seeing how effective our first fund has been, we immediately began a capital raise for BLISS INVESTMENT FUND II, successfully raising $1.1mm. We expect the capital in this new fund to be invested by the end of 2019. To date, we have invested in 9 companies (two could not be featured due to proprietary sensitivities to their imminent market launches). Our portfolio includes investments in the industries of health & fitness, medical care for kids, speech recognition software, wine making, jewelry design, travel & leisure, experiential entertainment, and spa products.