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It’s the start of 2017, and I’m struggling with a feeling that something very important is missing from my life.

By many measures, I should feel great. I have a wonderful marriage and life-long friends. I’m living in my dream home, a wine estate in California, plus I’ve just exited an 8-figure business which netted me enough money to never have to work again. 

Yet still, like an Albatross around my neck, I can feel something important missing. But I don’t know what it is?

A year before I’d have guessed my health which I’d completely forfeited while building my businesses, and it almost killed me, literally. I gained 100 pounds, and my doctor tested my blood sugar and told me it was 6x what it should be at, and as a result, I could drop dead at any moment. That was a wake-up call! But that was a year ago. I lost 80 pounds and got my blood sugar levels to normal with diet and exercise. 

So I’ve got love, success and now I even had my health - but still, I’m not joyful. 

And then… I’m sitting in my easy chair, when my lifelong friend, Patrick, does a “Facebook Live”, and talks about the importance of “following your bliss.”

It hits me in my soul. What’s missing from my “successful” life” is - My Bliss. 

In the past five years I’d made millions and even made what many called a huge positive impact in my community, but I had ignored my bliss in the process. 

My bliss has always been helping others live their most joyful life where they discover their secret ambitions and take action so they don’t become unrealized dreams. But I’d put it away in frustration after feeling like I’d failed at it in a previous endeavor. 

Sitting in my dream home, I now knew the cost of ignoring my bliss was feeling happy, but not joyful. Being well off, but not fulfilled. Feeling “good” but not “alive.”

That day, I decide to follow my bliss again by creating a retreat company. Joseph Campbell says, “Magic doors open for those who follow their bliss.” Well, through a series of unforeseen events, magic doors quickly open for me, and I met the perfect partners. And that’s when Bliss Champion’s was born.

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Fast forward a year. 

We’re in Kauai the midst of running our 3rd and 4th “Risk4Bliss” retreats for people to discover, embrace and start and living their Bliss successfully. We’re graduating 8 participants per week, and everyone has had a massive transformation. I’m standing there taking this all in when suddenly, I notice what I’ve essentially been feeling for months:

Pure Bliss! I feel joyful. Fulfilled. And alive.

It’s funny because I’ve held some really big checks in my life, but none of them were as big as the paycheck I got from my Bliss.


To Your Bliss!

Eric Lochtefeld

Co-Founder, Bliss Champions