(and how we got our name)

2017 started off with the five of us all doing our own things, most of us not even knowing one another: Eric, lying around the pool of his wine estate having just made enough money to never have to work again due to some really well-timed real estate investments (and 11 businesses); Patrick, entering the 25th year of his triad of careers as a bestselling author, a comedic performer, and a Hall of Fame motivational speaker; Anthony, 10 years into managing the global movement he created called the Fit Father Project; and Natalie and Kensey, forming their spa company after working on Necker Island for Sir Richard Branson for years.


Then “The Idea” came... Eric is lying by his pool and has an epiphany: He was comfortable, successful, and even happy, but what he really wanted to feel was blissful, joyful, and deeply fulfilled. And with this realization came the core idea for Bliss Champions: Retreats to help accomplished achievers pivot to their bliss.


Next, the Universe took over and, through a rapid series of synchronicities, connected the five of us together. Real friendships happened quickly. Deep alignment around the vision became real. And each of us was entirely about Bliss, not at all about money.
But then came reality...


We began with two unpaid test retreats. They were good, but not great. And none of us was okay with just “good”. So, we hit the drawing board for several months to reinvent our process and upped everything about our game. Then came our first two back-to-back paid retreats in Hawaii. We decided if our process didn’t blow all 16 of our participants away, we would drop the business and go back to our other lives.


May 11, 2018, we completed our two programs in Kauai, and we knew we had created something blissful for all involved because every single one of our participants experienced a huge transformation and ASTONISHED him/herself. Even those with the biggest pain points.

Our patron saint, Joseph Campbell, said, “Follow Your Bliss!” We couldn’t agree more.

To Your Bliss!

Eric, Anthony, Patrick, Natalie, Kensey, Quang, Cody & Chris