We offer intimate Incubator groups to Bliss Seekers looking to up their game, astound themselves, and transform! If just making money is not enough and you want it all – Health, Happiness and Success, Incubator4Bliss is for you. The primary requirement is that you know what your Bliss is (perfect clarity not required) and are ready to BEGIN your journey to win Big at your Bliss.  

The purpose of our Incubator groups is to give select customers an opportunity to be mentored by Bliss Champions co-founders Eric Lochtefeld, Patrick Combs, or Dr. Anthony Balduzzi (an all-star team of mentors, if there ever was one). Their goal is to help you gain CLARITY as to what your Bliss may be, COMMITMENT on how to make it happen, and KNOWLEDGE on how to make your Bliss Vehicle (body + mind) feel healthy and energetic so you have the ENERGY you need to begin living your Bliss. 

Our Incubators are by invitation only and curated with great care. You will be placed in a confidential peer advisory group with seven other High Achievers and/or Business Owners. Each group is led by a Bliss Champion Moderator and meets once per month for two hours on a premium Video Conference platform via our sponsor Zoom. Members share their opportunities and challenges in a unique presentation platform where everyone gets equal time to learn and grow by sharing experiences with their peers. All meetings are 100% confidential. Additionally, our members are given exclusive access to our monthly online Bliss Talk Speaker Series.  

If you are accepted into a Bliss Champions Incubator4Bliss, and you pay and participate fully for 1 year, you will be granted a $5,000-$7,5000 scholarship that will secure and pay for (in entirety) your tuition for a retreat of your choice in Silicon Valley, California; Kauai; Hawaii; or Lake Como, Italy. You will only be responsible for your airfare and transportation to and from the event. Check out our retreats HERE

As a member, you will also be eligible for investment from Bliss Champions’ 7-figure  Bliss Investment Fund. Your mentors are not messing around, having invested over $1mm in the last year in their retreat participants. They are serious about championing people’s Bliss AND are tying themselves to the results

  Bliss Investment Fund Strikes Again



Patrick Combs Holding Court

Our Incubator groups start this February and meet monthly online via Zoom Video Conference for two hours on a date and time that works for everyone in the group. We offer a money-back guarantee for the first 60 days. If you aren’t getting exactly what you want out of your experience, you can drop out and receive a full refund. We offer a month to month option or a heavily discounted annual membership. 

Month-to-Month Option = $250/month

Discounted Annual Membership = $2500 (two months free)

What do you have to lose? Give it a try, and put yourself on track for a once-in-a-lifetime experience at the retreat of your choice.