We consistently meet business owners and entrepreneurs who don’t actually need help operating or growing their businesses. What they need most is support in areas of their personal lives or specific Bliss journeys outside of their businesses. Common examples are business owners whose poor health has become a serious threat, whose relationships are suffering, or who feel trapped in their own successful companies. We offer expert, medically-supervised training in the areas of health, fitness, and nutrition, world-class coaching in the areas of discovering your Bliss, clarity, and best voice, and strategic capital investments to help you achieve desired results at WARP SPEED. Here are just a few examples of our unique investments in individuals.


Shaun Robinson

Emmy Award-winning journalist, television personality, author, producer, philanthropist, and girls empowerment activist Shaun Robinson is a true role model. We are investing in her longest-held dream, which will be broadcast on national television to your living room soon! In the meantime, check out how Shaun is giving back to the world via her incredible foundation for girls at


Patrick Combs

Patrick Combs has had a secret dream for a very long time. The fact that he has accomplished so much and spends every day helping people discover and pursue their dreams makes this even more exciting... and mysterious! Upon hearing his dream, we recognized that our own partner deserved a champion too, so we are investing in his writing and directing a movie about……. You are going to have to wait and see it for yourself! In the meantime, check out his website at


Kensey Monopoli & Natalie Edwards

You never know where you might hear about an exciting investment opportunity. How about at 7am while receiving a professional massage at an entrepreneur retreat in the woods? We are currently investing in these two first-time entrepreneurs who are working on a top-secret product design invention to disrupt the spa industry. This photo was taken the moment they found out we were going to invest. Pure Bliss!


Josh Levine

We are currently assisting world-class business executive Josh Levine in his transition from corporate America to full-time entrepreneur. Josh has a retreat business that has the potential to disrupt how business professionals manage their health and wellness in America. We beta tested the event this past May in Kauai with resounding success. Participants lost an average of 10 pounds, lowered their blood pressure 30 points, and reduced their blood sugar by 15%. His website offering future retreats will be launching soon.


Cory McDonald

Cory McDonald is a young man we are investing in because we believe he has the potential to be a champion. His parents worked as schoolteachers for over two and a half decades, putting in 70+ hours/week so Cory and his brother could have the opportunity to pursue their dreams. His parents deserve a break, and Cory deserves his shot. Cory has received coaching, and we have made an investment commitment of start-up capital when he becomes ready to pursue the next great chapter in his life.


April Dion

We are currently assisting April Dion to identify an undiagnosed serious medical ailment that is sapping all of her energy and making it extremely challenging to function in the areas in which she is gifted: as a mom, an entrepreneur, and an inspirational voice for women in her community. While April continues her journey for a cure, we invite you to check out her company



Andrew Hewitt

Through his leadership in creating GameChangers 500, a ranking of the world’s top for-benefit businesses, Andrew has become a sought-after expert and public speaker on what differentiates high-performing purpose-driven companies. We are investing in Andrew’s transition from entrepreneur to thought leader, public speaker, and visionary for systemic change in the world.


Lauren Julia

After the tragic losses of both her soulmate husband Justin and beloved grandmother Jean, Lauren started Justin Jean Pajamas as a way to honor the past and create hope for her future. After just two years in business, her pajama company is taking off, but entirely through online sales. She wanted to add a retail component to bring more Bliss to her day-to-day efforts running her business. We saw this as a great investment as we know first-hand what a great human Lauren is and that she needs to be seen and heard by as many people as possible on a daily basis. We were happy to invest in her first retail store and, more importantly, in Lauren’s Bliss.


Lori Lochtefeld & Julie Chavez

Sometimes even world-class entrepreneurs can use a Bliss Champion in their corner. Lori Lochtefeld and Julie Chavez participated in the very first Risk4Bliss retreat in Silicon Valley. They didn’t need much help running their successful businesses (we actually occasionally ask them for help running ours!), but they did want our investment in a few areas of personal development, which we were happy to support. As evidenced by the magnitude of their smiles, we are pleased to report: Mission Accomplished! All is Bliss with their worlds!