“When you believe in yourself and a champion surrounds you, any dream can be accomplished.” – Beth Lochtefeld, Mentor to Co-Founder Eric Lochtefeld

We are building a unique family of portfolio clients at Bliss Champions. It is comprised of individuals that we identified through our Incubators and Retreats that we feel have the attributes necessary to win at their BLISS. Our mission is to help bring secret and unrealized ambitions to life. We do this by helping people get clear on their next blissful move, be inspired and encouraged to commit to their unrealized ambition (or play bigger at it), and provide the support needed to champion their dreams. If we see an opportunity to help you better MONETIZE YOUR BLISS, that is when we make an additional investment of capital.

WE ARE ATTRIBUTE INVESTORS, which means we invest in people with specific attributes, not business ideas. The only way to be considered for an investment is to participate in one of our Incubators or Retreats. As our co-founder and fund manager Eric Lochtefeld says, “Win our hearts, and you will gain access to our treasures.” We are specifically on the lookout for people who have secret or unrealized ambitions that need help identifying ways to better monetize their Bliss (business, ambitions, dreams, etc.). We are not Angel Investors or Venture Capitalists looking for the next big Unicorn. In fact, fancy business plans and big ideas are not a consideration in our investment decisions. 

We created our first fund, BLISS INVESTMENT FUND I, in Q4-2017 with $750,000 of investment capital. After just our first two retreats, we invested all of that capital in six participants. In Q2 of 2018, we created our second fund, BLISS INVESTMENT FUND II, with $1,100,000 of investment capital. Since then, we have already identified and invested roughly half that capital in five participants. We are currently raising BLISS INVESTMENT FUND III with the goal of doubling our fund size to $2.2 mm.  



Julie Chavez won the 2018 competition in Silicon Valley, securing a $150,000 investment to proceed forward with her newest company Unselfie LLC. When Julie Chavez founded Chavez for Charity in 2013, she had an ambitious vision. She wanted to create a line of colorful bracelets that would contribute, in a significant way, to some of the most important humanitarian issues facing our world today. Leveraging her background as the Founder and Designer of the small, yet highly coveted jewelry line Marie Chavez, whose fans included a-list celebrities like Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner, Rosario Dawson, and Anne Hathaway, Julie carefully crafted a brand that is unique in its mission and has a purpose much greater than profits. For every product sold, Chavez for Charity donates 25% of their profit to each color’s corresponding cause. To date, Chavez for Charity has provided over 6,000 people in rural and impoverished communities with clean water; funded over 500 micro-loans for women entrepreneurs world-wide, covered 1,400 hours of critical pediatric cancer research, impacted 724 students in Ghana for a lifetime with Teacher Support Programming – and the list goes on.



Lauren Raja received the award for most courageous entrepreneur at our Kauai 2018 annual event, procuring capital for her new retails store. Founded by Lauren Raja (pictured, with her goldendoodle, Finn) during the most difficult time in her life, Justin Jean PJ’s was created to not only provide the world with a quality sleepwear product, but to inspire women and girls to live out their dreams, despite any obstacles in their way.  All pajamas have a heart patch sewn on the left sleeve to encourage us to do just that and three ruffles on the back side to promote innocence and playfulness. Each ruffle stands for a value that Lauren believes is crucial to living a full life.: 1) Authenticity, 2) Integrity, and 3) Passion. Read Lauren's full story, below.

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Lori Lochtefeld is an accomplished Entrepreneur and a woman on a mission. Owner to over half a dozen businesses, Lori’s next blissful move was to create an experiential museum called Selfieville. Selfieville was founded on the idea that no dream is too big to attain and everything you want in life you can have if you work for it. This experiential museum consists of a 3D light show and countless exhibits that give you the opportunity to capture the perfect selfies in fantasy worlds. 25% of the profit from each ticket will go into a fund to support local non-profits that work with foster children in California.

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Chris Duggan won our 2016 competition in Kauai, receiving a sizable investment. Pure Travel Holdings LLC is the premier luxury vacation rental business on the Hawaiian Islands. Based in Princeville in the heart of Kauai’s famously scenic north shore near the NaPali Coast, offering the most luxurious collection of private vacation estates available exclusively to their treasured guests, they invite you to indulge in the finest island comforts for groups of 2 to 20 or more. Their award-winning staff will put your mind at ease and deliver personalized guest services catered specifically for your delight. Discover the best secluded jungle hikes or the freshest handpicked delicacies, and create incredible memories. &

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Natalie Edwards and Kensey Monopoli won the 2018 competition in Kauai, HI, securing a $75,000 investment to proceed forward with their “top secret” investment to revolutionize the spa industry. They met while working on Necker Island for Sir Richard Branson’s elite Virgin Team. From day one, they found themselves on the front lines of a magical event paradise. With exposure to extremely successful and high net worth individuals, they quickly learned the craft of delivering world class luxury spa event experiences and Spa from Ordinary LLP was born! While they are not inventing new products to shake up the spa industry, SFO delivers extraordinary event spa experiences that enhance existing events, making them better, more enjoyable, more memorable, and more exciting. They offer clients and customers a menu of experiences to choose from and are portable enough to adapt to any event space or location. They are highly experienced in event operations, know how to make a mean Margarita, and their Energizer Breaks come highly recommended. They’ve been known to get a room full of high achieving CEO’s and Execs to do the Conga….