“When you believe in yourself and a champion surrounds you, any dream can be accomplished.” – Eric Lochtefeld, Bliss Champions Co-Founder


We make follow-on investments in our retreat attendees. We are pretty sure we are the only retreat business in the world that does this, but hey, that’s Blissful for us! We are currently managing a $750,000 fund called BLISS INVESTMENT FUND I that is fully invested in prior attendeesand a brand new $1.1mm fund called BLISS INVESTMENT FUND II to invest in our upcoming retreat attendees, and the best news is that we are just getting warmed up! The above quotation is our core investment philosophy. We focus our time and resources on INDIVIDUALS who have the potential to be Bliss Champions in the next great chapter of their lives; small to mid-size COMPANIES that typically get ignored by the traditional investment community, but that have the potential to go from good to Blissful with the right support; and underutilized and undervalued ASSETS with vast upside potential that, if operated expertly by the right entrepreneur, can turn into pure Bliss gold. We provide risk capital in exchange for equity, debt capital in exchange for interest, and creative financing solutions and operational know-how for the acquisition of valuable assets. We have been in the trenches ourselves for decades and have built a vast network of experts in most of the critical areas of operating and growing a business; in turn, we utilize these resources to help you achieve the results you desire. The only way to be considered for an investment is to participate in one of our retreats. As our co-founder and fund manager Eric Lochtefeld says, “Win our hearts, and you will gain access to our treasures.