The Bliss Investment Fund

Live The Life Of Purpose You Want... With Funds That Make A Real Difference

At Bliss Champions, we’re not just transformation coaches. We’re financial investors as well. Our mission is to help you unleash your true calling, bring it to life, and make it a massive success.

That’s why we financially invest in our members. 

Through our masterminds and retreats, we’re building a unique family of portfolio clients full of remarkable people with the attributes to win BIG with their purpose. It’s the path to Blisspreneurship!

We do this by helping you get clear on your ‘WHY.’ Then, we give you the inspiration, resources and support to commit to your purpose (or play bigger at it) and champion your dreams.

A Life Worth Living Is A Dream Worth Funding

We’re not playing small.

If we see an opportunity to help you better MONETIZE YOUR PURPOSE, we jump at the chance to make an additional investment of capital in YOU.

But we don’t just invest in anyone. WE ARE ATTRIBUTE INVESTORS.

We invest in people with specific attributes, not business ideas.
In fact, we don’t even consider fancy business plans or big ideas in our investment decisions. We’re not Angel Investors or Venture Capitalists looking for the next big Unicorn.
We want you to live the meaningful life you crave, and the ONLY way to access the Bliss Investment Fund is by participating in one of our programs.

Financial Investment To Hit It BIG With Your Purpose

We might be the only personal development company in the world that’s investing LARGE sums of money (from $10,000 – $400,000) into its members, so they live a blissful life by answering their soul’s highest calling. (Delete this: This is the big leagues and We’re always on the lookout to invest in extraordinary talent like YOU.
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We created our first fund, BLISS INVESTMENT FUND I, in Q4-2017 with $750,000 of investment capital. After just our first two retreats, we invested all of that capital in 6 participants.

In Q4 of 2018, we created our second fund, BLISS INVESTMENT FUND II, with $1,100,000 of investment capital. It acquired FUND I and invested an additional $250,000 in 6 of our 2019 participants. Over 10% of our participants have received investment capital to date!

Our Investments

Julie Chavez 1 Bliss Champions
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Julie Chavez

Julie Chavez won the 2018 competition in Silicon Valley, securing a $150,000 investment to proceed forward with her newest company Unselfie LLC. When Julie Chavez founded Chavez for Charity in 2013, she had an ambitious vision. She wanted to create a line of colorful bracelets that would contribute, in a significant way, to some of the most important humanitarian issues facing our world today.

Element 11 5 Bliss Champions

Chris Duggan
& Phil Jones

Chris Duggan won our 2016 competition in Kauai, receiving a sizable investment of $430,000. Pure Travel Holdings LLC is the premier luxury vacation rental business on the Hawaiian Islands. Based in Princeville in the heart of Kauai’s famously scenic north shore near the NaPali Coast, offering the most luxurious collection of private vacation estates available exclusively to their treasured guests, they invite you to indulge in the finest island comforts for groups of 2 to 20 or more.
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Lori Lochtefeld 1 Bliss Champions
Element 11 6 Bliss Champions

Lori Lochtefeld

Lori Lochtefeld is an accomplished Entrepreneur and a woman on a mission. Owner to over half a dozen businesses, Lori’s next blissful move was to create an experiential museum called Selfieville. Selfieville was founded on the idea that no dream is too big to attain and everything you want in life you can have if you work for it. Lori secured a $175,000 investment capital for her dream.
Element 11 7 Bliss Champions

Yanik Silver

Yanik Silver redefines how business is played in the 21st century at the intersection of evolutionary growth, impact and fun. Yanik is the founder of Maverick1000, a global collective of visionary entrepreneurs making a serious difference in the world, without taking themselves too seriously. What’s more, he also had an interesting experiment that turned into something much bigger than Yanik could have imagined…Every night for 108 nights, he would illustrate a new journal entry. We identified his immense talent at illustrating inspirational content and recognized it for what it was, his bliss, and made an unsolicited offer of investment. Yanik was awarded an initial investment of $10,000 and turned our small investment into a major publishing deal.
Yanik Silver 1 Bliss Champions
Heather Dee Frankovich 1 Bliss Champions
Element 11 8 Bliss Champions

Heather Dee Frankovich

Heather Dee Frankovich is a licensed California Psychotherapist with over 20 years’ experience in her LA based private practice ‘leveling up’ the traditional therapy experience. She secured an investment after volunteering for all of 2019 to provide therapeutic support to our retreat customers. We recognized her incredible value to our company, so we offered an investment to pursue her bliss in becoming an International Performance Coach and Consultant. As a ‘thriveologist’, Heather is launching her new company with the commitment to helping others learn the art and practice of sourcing their own personal joy. Heather earned an initial investment of $10,000.
Element 11 9 Bliss Champions

David Muntner

David Muntner is a talented musician that was awarded a $10,000 investment to create Predictable Bliss LLC. Predictable Bliss is a music label created for multi-instrumentalist David Muntner to write, record and release his debut album. We have already had the magical experience of dancing the night away to his sure to be hit song So Predictable. You are likely to catch our staff humming his song at anyone of our retreats with a big smile on our face.

David Muntner 1 Bliss Champions
Mike Whitlatch 1 Bliss Champions
Element 11 10 Bliss Champions

Mike Whitlatch

Mike was one of three 2020 investment recipients, securing $50,000 in investment capital to acquire an EagleRider franchise from Harley Davidson. When Mike began his journey with us, he confessed that he feels most blissful when he is on the back of his Harley but was doing a job he hated instead. We encouraged him to consider a career having to do with Harley’s and now Mike is the proud owner of Eagle Rider in Sedona Arizona renting a fleet of eight Harley’s. His specialty is helping customers heal wounds while touring beautiful Sedona.

Will We Invest In YOU Next?