The simple truth is that you can work out like Sylvester Stallone getting ready for Rocky VII, but without a nutrition plan, you will not achieve the results that you desire and deserve. Step 1 is getting yourself educated. The food and drug industries have spent billions of dollars on advertising to brainwash us into believing that what they sell is healthy and safe for our bodies, when the exact opposite is often true. In order to build up our defenses against their onslaught of misinformation, we need to constantly be re-educating ourselves about nutrition. The short video below is just a sampling of how we will approach Step 1 at our events. Step 2 demonstrates that the right food can translate to higher levels of improved energy. Step 3 is to show you how delicious healthy food can be, not only when it is prepared by our gourmet chef at our retreats, but even back home in your kitchen or out at a restaurant. In Step 4, we design a tailor-made healthy eating plan, just for you. You will go home with new habits instilled and a complete education on how to buy, cook, and consume nutritious food that gives you more energy, making you feel healthier and younger.