The Bliss Champs Team

What we all have deeply in common is an extraordinary commitment to follow our Bliss and help others live theirs.


Eric Lochtefeld

the “Bliss Lion Investor”

Eric once accidentally flicked a stinging jellyfish onto his surfing instructor’s face. Not one of his finer moments! But on his better days, our fearless leader has invested over $20mm in risk capital, and his various companies and investments have generated over $250mm of value. And he did co-create the Vans Warped Tour, built a global dream internship business, and win the Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the state of California (for helping turn an entire city around economically). And yes, the rumors are true. Eric “cashed out” and never has to work another day in his life because the man’s a lion when it comes to following his Bliss in business. But nobody loves Eric for his success; everybody loves Eric for his heart. Eric is unequaled in his track record of getting personally involved in helping others succeed at their dreams. 


Patrick Combs

the “BLISS Clarity Coach”

Patrick once delivered a stranger’s baby while walking to work one day, but that’s a whole ’nuther story. Patrick Combs holds many accolades: he is a Hall of Fame corporate speaker of 25 years, a best-selling author of four books, and one heck of a comedic performer who’s performed his smash-hit, one-man theatre show all over the planet. Heck, HBO once named him the funniest new performer in America. But we just know Patrick as a man who fearlessly follows his Bliss… on his terms, against all odds. And through all the things he does, he challenges others to do the same. His real gift is helping others clarify their Bliss and believe in their ability to astound themselves. As Patrick’s close friend Eric says about him, “He has a way of looking into your soul, and saying exactly the right thing at exactly the right time, to make you clearly see what you need to do next for your Bliss journey to begin.”


Dr. Heather Frankovich

We fondly refer to this one as our Bliss Champion’s Secret Weapon. Dr. Heather Frankovich is a dynamic high impact performance coach and psychotherapist. With 20+ years of private practice in tow, Heather will quickly get to the heart of your matters. She’s here to help heal, reveal and propel you towards the successful launch of your unique Bliss journey. Kinda a Rockstar, she’s traveling the world for others as a team member on transformational and inspirational retreats. All the while, Heather is actualizing her own Bliss with her new business, Sourcing Joy, Inc. with a book on that very subject well in the works. Throw in three kids, a busy family and a fast paced life in LA… Yeah, you get it. She’s got it. She’s got you. Wow.




Okay, these two rare gems met while working for Sir Richard Branson at Necker Island. And they live a life of blissfully dropping into luxury resorts and yachts from Morocco to Malaysia and spreading their unique talents for amazing massages, yoga instruction, fun energizer activities, and even incredible bartending — all at a world-class level rarely found. But behind the scenes, these two rays of Bliss are entrepreneurs who are growing their company, #SpafromOrdinary, and are inventors of products and services that will revolutionize the spa industry.