Our 7 Disciplines for
Rocking Your Bliss

Our Proprietary System for Success


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Our 7 step process ushers you into momentum and amazing results on your bliss so that you don’t fumble around, lose confidence, lack strategy or fall victim to the common pitfalls that undermine most people. Although each step is easy to understand and simple at first glance, you will learn and grow in each area. Throughout our program, you will be supported to attain a high-performance mastery over our 7 step process.



The first, and most important step, is to develop the belief that you CAN live a life of bliss. It is essential that you cultivate the mindset that you deserve to share your secret passion with the world… and that you accept the TRUTH that you have the power to completely transform your own life.


Choose Bliss

Choosing Bliss means narrowing down all of the potential options, opportunities and experiences that you “could” have (FOMO alert) and then surrendering to your HIGHEST calling… committing to that ONE unrealized ambition that is actually punching you in the gut to be activated and carried out. You know it when you see it.



It is all too common to have a BIG dream, take one step forward, and then forget about and deflate your momentum because other “more important” things came along. Those who STICK to their bliss, stay committed, and honor following through are the only ones who can TRULY thrive and succeed.


Brave It

Everyone who goes through Bliss Champions becomes a lion in life. Lions are courageous. Lions take risks for their own bliss… and in fact, many times the greater the risk you take, the greater the upside. While fear is inevitable, bravery means experiencing the fear and taking action anyway because you KNOW it is the right thing to do for yourself and your future.


Mentor Up

No one succeeds at their bliss if they go it alone. You need to find one or several mentors in your area of BLISS and become a sponge… absorbing all of the necessary support, wisdom, accountability and guidance so you can play at your highest level and achieve the greatest results.


Do The Work

No pain no gain on your path to Blisstopia. You must put in the time, energy and dedication to succeed. This may mean putting in more work than anyone else when it comes to YOUR BLISS, but the good news is, it never actually feels like work when it’s your bliss. This is you joyfully contributing… and it’s one of the greatest pleasures you can experience in life.



A Bliss Champion is always aware of his or her state. When you are in flow, you surf the waves of the universe. Everything is easier, and you ripple out positivity. Not to mention, you attract into your life more things that put you in flow!


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