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Our Retreat and Coaching Helps You Attain a New Level of Purpose, Joy, And Financial Success.

We’re obsessed with helping you accomplish your audacious idea, the one that is scary, but oh so deeply desireous.

Led by experts who’ve done it themselves (and made millions in the process), you’ll be personally mentored to succeed at the idea you have that plays more to who you truly are, that is more exciting than what you’re currently doing, and that will prove to be far more rewarding.

Smash the roadblocks holding you back, and wake up inspired to live the meaningful life you’re meant to lead.


Our clients often come to us alone in how they’re feeling and thinking. The following 7 truths are what we’ve learned and what our transformational process is built on. 

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There is a bigger you

You DO have a call to an even bigger life, and one that is built on fulfillment, aliveness and joy. But our previous success can start to feel like golden handcuffs, or a gilded cage. It can feel like instead of owning your business, it owns you.

We guide our clients to the greatest freedom of all, the freedom to live in alignment with your purpose, as the greatest version of yourself you ever dreamed. 

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You have a purpose

Deep down, your soul is yearning to fulfill its true purpose. You might feel like “purpose” is a shell game, or a made-up notion. Perhaps you don’t trust yourself as able to discern your purpose. For you, purpose might seem as elusive as Bigfoot.  But you have a purpose and we know how to show it to you…. And maybe you DO know your purpose, but you’re afraid to commit to you. In either case, we specialize in activating you to live your purpose.

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You do have more talent than you're using now

It’s natural for top leaders to feel that they have more talents that they are getting to use in their current position. And it’s painful to feel like you’re gifts are being underutilized. That pain is calling you to step-up, and give your greatest gifts. And that idea you have for how to do so – it may seem crazy somedays – but it’s where to start in your ideation. It’s your soul whispering directions to you. The point is, you’re being called to give your gifts in a new way. That’s why you’re restless.

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You don't want to risk everything.

You’ve worked too hard to risk everything. That’s why you have all the accomplishments you have; you earned them. You sacrificed for the things you have. You can’t just walk away from what you’ve built. But yet you’d like to do something new.

We don’t coach people from a model of “do this or that.” We show our clients how to have “this and that”, without having to feel obligated, or overwhelmed.

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wealth isn't something you want to sacrifice

Too many people position Purpose and Wealth as an “either or” choice. They feel afraid that if they start living more closely aligned with their Purpose that they’ll lose their wealth. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Your Purpose doesn’t ask you to sacrifice anything except the false ideas you have that limit you from living your best life. We teach our clients to live their Purpose, birth their secret ambition, and maintain and generate wealth along the way.

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You like to go fast and do things your way

You know how to create results and go fast. It’s why you’re already successful. And you know how to trust yourself and follow your instincts. But for some reason, things have gotten stale. You’ve lost your enthusiasm. For the first time in a long time (or maybe ever), you’re a little stuck – and it’s bewildering. You have hesitancy around your secret, next ambition: Maybe it’s a bad idea, or the timing is wrong. Maybe you don’t have time. Maybe it’s too much work, and you should just keep doing what you’re doing.

We understand all these feelings. Our job is to help you get you unstuck so that you can go fast again – but this time, on a path that brings you great joy, tremendous connection, and deep fulfillment.

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you desire connection and freedom

What’s the point to all this if your life isn’t full of connection and the freedom to do whatever you truly want to do? Things get lonely when you’ve built a tower that has you obligated to everybody but yourself. And life feels empty when you’re not living as Who You Truly Are and Who You Were Born to Be. Feeling lonely and empty, lost or bored are the tell-tale signs that it’s time to “re-purpose” your life. 

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