We’ve Unlocked the Purpose Code: Learn the True Secret to Finding Joy & Fulfillment!

After launching 20+ companies generating over $300 million in revenue with 7 exits and performing on stages for audiences in the millions and selling hundreds of thousands of best selling books, we’ve distilled our wisdom into a single, game-changing book:

Purpose Code: Maximize Your Joy & Astound Yourself

by Patrick Combs & Eric Lochtefeld

In a world obsessed with goal-setting and accomplishment, there is a secret to success, which very few people realize unlocks your greatest gifts from inside. In the revolutionary new book, Purpose Code, the authors demystify ancient wisdom and modern truths to reveal the most effective step-by-step system of discovering your real purpose. Finally, you will let go of negative beliefs and outdated programming that has taken you down a path where you may find monetary success but are lacking in total fulfillment. When you discover your unique code, your purpose will be the true north to navigate toward your most significant opportunities for life, business, and fulfillment on every level.

Meet the Authors:
Eric Lochtefeld & Patrick Combs


Long before Eric was known as the “Bliss Lion,” helping people unlock their purpose and learn the Purpose Code™, Eric was on the fast track to becoming a billionaire when he made the deliberate choice to reprioritize his life.

Building companies since he was a teenager, Eric has led hundreds of employees and successfully sold seven of his companies for over one hundred million dollars. He has seen every side of success, and at one point, almost paid the ultimate price. He had 10x’ed his net worth in less than five years through various business ventures and real estate deals. The day he moved into a new estate with a winery in Silicon Valley, he collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. Eric’s blood sugar was over 650 points, and he was close to dying. It was in the hospital bed where Eric realized, “I didn’t finish the job.”

In the hospital, Eric promised himself to upgrade his purpose and devote the rest of his life to inspiring others to transform in the direction of their bliss. Now, he leads retreats at his property in Hawai’i called “Bliss Island” along with his Bliss Champions partner Patrick Combs.

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Patrick Combs Bliss Champions


Patrick is known by many of the world’s top companies as “the best speaker we’ve ever had” and a “master storyteller.” He has shared his stories and strategies with millions of people worldwide for 25 years as an expert speaker, 5x author, a life coach, and a stage performer. 

He is one of the world’s only people to have accomplished both a Hall of Fame speaking career and a comedic smash-hit one-person theatre show, which is now being made into a Hollywood movie. 

Today, in addition to speaking, writing, and performing professionally, he is the co-founder of Bliss Champions.

He is driven to inspire others to follow their bliss, accomplish remarkable things, and continually astound themselves. He lives in San Diego.