Our Retreats Are Mind-Blowing

“Risk4Bliss” retreats take you year to a whole different level. 5 days/4
nights that dramatically accelerate you on your bliss journey.


Come accelerate your Bliss at Villa La Laguna. It doesn’t get any better than a cool drink in your hand, the Los Cabos sun on your face and white sand at your feet at the beachfront Casa La Laguna. From its professional staff to its incredible location close to golf, fishing and downtown San Jose del Cabo, this spectacular Villa delivers an exceptional luxury experience. During your stay, a full staff, including a gourmet chef, butler, in-villa concierge and even two in-house masseuses, will be on hand to ensure your comfort. But it’s up to you to decide whether to settle into a lounge chair on the terrace with a good book or chase thrills on the slide between the two levels of the pool. As the sun slips toward the horizon, flip on the sound system, enjoy a margarita on the villa terrace served by the butler, and sit down to the al-fresco dining table. In the evenings, stargaze from the hot tub, gather around the firepit, or step inside for a movie in the home theater or a relaxing session in the private spa.

  • March 25 - 29, 2020


Come accelerate your Bliss at the magical Bliss Island Estate in tropical Kauai, Hawaii. Typically reserved for A-List Hollywood Celebrities & World-Famous CEO’s, this estate is truly one-of-a-kind. Sitting atop a perch overlooking a 180-degree view of the Pacific Ocean, this six-bedroom luxury estate features an infinity pool with two hot tubs, an Olympic style weight room, a media room that will make you blush, two gourmet kitchens, and the most incredible living room we have ever encountered with wall to ceiling windows that make you feel like you are standing atop the ocean. Oh, and did we mention – this retreat is in Hawaii!

  • MAY 2 - 6, 2020 & MAY 9 - 13, 2020


Come accelerate your Bliss at Villa Breakwater on stunning Lake Como (aka Lake Bliss). This property is bright & colorful with floor to ceiling glass windows and doors, that invite the most spectacular views into the villa. In the distance, you can see the town of Bellagio glistening above the silver lake. The villa is rich in wood decking, walkways and furnishings that lend perfectly to the theme of the area, which is sporty and fun filled with adventure! From the multilevel outdoor terraces, one can enjoy expansive areas to watch ferries, boaters and those engaging in water sports. Here you’ll indulge in Al Fresco dining by the lake at sunrise, sunset and under moonlit skies, making this one of the most romantic destinations in Italy. There are no words to describe the lightheartedness one feels when walking along the terraces of this property. The interior is a whole other experience; one will find themselves marveling at how anyone was able to accomplish such beauty and elegance all in one place! Percy Shelly, the English romantic poet’s description of “the most beautiful lake I have ever seen.” is defined here at the shorelines of Luxury Villa Breakwater, Lake Como.

  • SEPTEMBER 13 - 18, 2020

At "Risk4Bliss" Retreats You Get

Luxury Lodging

“Luxury” is our middle name, and we host our retreats at the very same properties used by celebrities when they want to getaway. Think vacation homes for billionaires.

All Food & Beverage

We feed you three phenomenal meals a day. Even when we go out to a restaurant, you don’t have to bring your wallet.

Gourmet Meals
Prepared Daily

Our hand-picked, world-class chefs are going to wow you at every meal with gourmet food that is not only delicious but also nutritious.

and Activities

We’re going to get out in nature. We’re going to bond. We’re going to challenge ourselves. And we’re going to play!

60-minute Massage

Not just any massage. You get a massage from world-renowned masseuses Natalie or Kensey, co-owners of Spa for Ordinary! We stole them away from Richard Branson. Enough said.


What would the most blissful week of your life be without world-class entertainment! We dress up, have a beverage at happy hour, and then enjoy the show!

Illuminating talks

Patrick is a renowned speaker of 25 years often called upon by the world’s best companies for inspirational messages. Eric has inspired his employees and customers for decades. You get a front-row seat to them both.


Our signature group activities are exceptional at propelling you through your obstacles and into massive momentum on your bliss journey.

Nightly Happy Hour

We don’t drink a lot at our retreats, but when we have our nightly happy hour, we do drink the best cocktails (virgin if you like) on Earth! Espresso Martini, anyone?

Morning Yoga

Infectiously joyful, Natalie and Kensey lead us in morning yoga that is suited for all levels, beginner to advanced.

Thriveology Coaching

Dr. Heather Dee Frankovich, founder of Sourcing Joy LLC, is on our team to ensure that you have all the mental and emotional support you need, no matter what is blocking your way. Everybody loves Heather.

Deep Authentic Connection

We’re a heart-centered community. We bond and become an extended family.


What would pure bliss be without a joyful celebration! We sing. We dance. We revel in the fantastic moments and the incredible week.

Time In Nature

We love a good hike, a great swim, a breathtaking view, an exhilarating boat ride, a spontaneous float down a river. Nature helps us connect to our bliss.

Share Time

You share yourself, your bliss, your stories, your perspective, and your wisdom with the group at our retreats. You are seen for who you are going to become in the next great chapter of your life.

Amazing Dinners

The appetizers. The entrees. The desserts. The conversations. The laughs. The toasts. The games. Dinners are extraordinary at Risk4Bliss retreats.

One-on-one with
Eric and Patrick

Imagine what you’ll learn and how your life will be changed by five days to bond with and be mentored by Eric and Patrick. This is where real friendships are born.

You pay your airfare and we pick you up at the airport and bring you to Risk4Bliss.


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Meet Patrick, our Clarity Coach and a true connoisseur of inspiration. Patrick is a top-rated, widely known keynote speaker and thought leader on passion, possibility, and heart-based business. Patrick has shared stories and strategies from his journey with millions of people around the globe for almost 25 years. Patrick is known by many companies and organizations as “the best speaker we’ve ever had!” and by many theatregoers as a “master storyteller” and a “brilliant performer.” The odds were stacked against him making any sort of name for himself. He was raised by a single mom who made less than enough to make ends meet. He was born into a family tree in which no one had ever gone to college. Most challenging though was that he lacked the money, experience, and connections most would presume you need to do what he bravely dreamed. Today, he is one of the only people in the world to have accomplished both a Hall of Fame speaking career and a global, smash-hit, one-man theatre show. Add to that the fact that Patrick is a four-time author with more than 150,000 copies of his books sold, and you have a person who has overcome the odds and demonstrated what is possible when you lead your life with heart, passion, and purpose. Make no mistake, we will inspire you at our events. Our credentials are impeccable in this arena. However, if all we do is inspire you, we will have fallen short of our primary goal, which is to help you reinvent yourself and leave us with a new Bliss Manifesto that is customized to bring about the next great chapter in your life.