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Have the BIGGEST breakthroughs of your life on Bliss Island-- our luxury oceanfront resort on one of Hawaii’s most beautiful and exclusive oceanfront properties.

With a 180-degree view of the Pacific Ocean, this 10,000 square foot Victorian estate boasts an eight-key luxury oceanfront hotel and beautiful mansion. It features an infinity pool, an Olympic-style weight room, a jaw-dropping media room, a gourmet kitchen, and an ocean-front porch that’ll feel like you own the world.

Designed to transform you at the deepest levels, this world-leading retreat site pampers you in style, so you clarify your true purpose, release any blocks holding you back, and live your most blissful life.

Luxury Lodging

Luxury is essential to our retreat experience so, in 2020, we bought our own luxury retreat compound in Hawaii and named it Bliss Island. Located on an exclusive, oceanfront beach on the Big Island of Hawaii, you’ll enjoy 3.5 acres of gorgeous landscaped grounds, lush, spacious rooms, a resort style pool, incredible wine cellar, gourmet dining, and relaxing lanais. Finding your purpose to ignite your bliss doesn’t get better than this!

Food & Beverages Included

Our world-class gourmet chefs will prepare three phenomenal meals a day for your pleasure. Plus, you’ll indulge in delicious cocktails from our expert mixologists under Hawaii’s setting sun. And it’s all included! Even when we dine at a restaurant, your wallet stays behind.

Gourmet Meals
Prepared Daily

Our hand-picked, world-class chefs will wow you at every meal with gourmet food that’s delicious and nutritious, so you’re at peak mental and physical condition to achieve lasting transformational results.

Excursions & Activities For Your Heart And Soul

It’s not all work and no play! With soul-satisfying excursions and activities, we’ll challenge ourselves, bond, and have a blast! We’ll get outside to connect with nature, enjoy the ocean breeze, and explore this lush island paradise together.

Two 60-minute Massages

Ready for your stress to melt away? You’ll get to indulge in 2 incredible 60-minute massages from the best massage therapists on the Hawaiian Islands.

Breath-Taking Entertainment

What would the most blissful week of your life be without world-class entertainment?! We’ll dress to the nines, sip a tasty beverage at happy hour, and enjoy the show!

Illuminating Talks To Bring Your Purpose To Life

With 25 years of experience, Patrick is a renowned speaker, often booked by the world’s premier companies for inspirational leadership and keynote speeches. Eric is a wildly successful 8-figure entrepreneur who’s inspired his employees, customers and community for decades. You get a front-row seat to them both, which will ignite your purpose for a blissful life!

Life-Changing Group Activities

Our signature group activities are exceptional at propelling you through ANY obstacles to your true purpose. You’ll also experience massive momentum on your journey to a more meaningful, joyful life.

Nightly Happy Hour

We don’t drink a lot at our retreats, but when we have our nightly happy hour, we drink the best cocktails (virgin if you like) on Earth– made by the world’s finest mixologists. Espresso Martini, anyone?

Morning Yoga

Infectiously joyful, our experienced private Yoga Instructor will lead us in morning yoga that is suited for all levels, beginner to advanced. Your day has never started better!

Thriveology Coaching

Dr. Heather Dee Frankovich, the founder of Sourcing Joy LLC, is on our team to ensure you have the mental and emotional support you need to fulfill your highest calling– no matter what’s blocking your way. Amazingly talented and warm, everybody loves Heather!

Deep Authentic Connection

We’re a heart-centered community. We bond and become an extended family that uplifts each other and celebrates our wins as one.


What would life purpose and pure bliss be without a joyful celebration! We sing. We dance. We revel in the fantastic moments and the incredible week, so your results last a lifetime.

Soulful Time In Nature

We love a good hike, a great swim, a breathtaking view, an exhilarating boat ride, or a spontaneous float down a river. Nature helps us to connect with our true purpose, which leads to potent bliss.

Bonding & Share Time

You share yourself, your purpose, bliss, stories, perspective, and wisdom with the group at our retreats. You’re seen for exactly who you’re going to become in the next great chapter of your life.

Amazing Dinners

The appetizers. The entrees. The desserts. The conversations. The laughs. The toasts. The games. Dinners are extraordinary events at our retreats.

One-on-one with
Eric and Patrick

Imagine how your life will change when Eric and Patrick personally mentor you. Imagine how much clearer your purpose will be. How much MORE meaning, bliss, and fulfillment you’ll enjoy for the rest of your life. This is where real friendships are born.

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