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Lake Como, Italy

Bliss Lake Villa

Lake Como, Italy

AUG 25 - 31, 2019

We invite you to reward yourself with some well-deserved luxury rest and relaxation at one of the premier private estates in Lake Como, Italy. While simultaneously strategizing how to discover and begin the next great chapter of your life, we will introduce you to the best that Lake Como has to offer in the way of world-class lodging, gourmet food, and unrivaled lake views. At our weeklong Risk4Bliss retreat, you will join a carefully curated group of accomplished High Achievers and Bliss Experts to participate in an intimate personal development experience like no other. We will do far more than inspire you. We deliver results by helping you become more self-aware, aiding you in understanding the role risk can play in overcoming fears and other stumbling blocks, challenging you to understand the difference between a choice and a commitment, and becoming your champion on your new journey to Bliss. It will be our mission to accelerate your Bliss! We offer optional post-event private coaching, and, if the stars align, even investment capital.

Come accelerate your Bliss at Villa Passalacqua on stunning Lake Como (aka Lake Bliss).  This property is a national monument for Italy. Over the centuries, the Villa has played host to numerous musicians, artists, writers and statesmen including Napoleon Buonaparte, Vincenzo Bellini and Winston Churchill. More recently, celebrities like the Beckham Family have vacationed here. This luxury 5 Star Italian villa has eight suites that average over 1,300 square feet and a guest house. The property features expansive 180-degree views of Lake Como, a spectacular swimming terrace, a 200-year old greenhouse, 11 water fountains, its own boat dock, and gardens that are some of the most historic and beautiful on Lake Como. The Villa is filled with beautiful world-class paintings, sculptures, rugs, tapestries and Venetian chandeliers. This home is located nearby to American Actor George Clooney’s famous home Villa Oleandra. Simply put, this is an estate normally reserved for Billionaires and will be your home for the week.